December 19, 2009

Where I'm Likely To Find It 也許有那麼一個地方。

Where I'm Likely To Find It
開幕酒會:2010/1/9(六) 5:00PM
開放時間:週二至週日 4:00PM-12:00AM
9 Jan -12 Feb 2010 Opening Reception: 5:00PM, Sat. 9 Jan
Open Time: Tue.-Sun. 4:00PM-12:00AM


莊雁婷, 生於台北,目前就讀於紐約的Parsons The New School of Design。作品曾在紐約的PULSE Art Fair2008年的GEISAI Miami以及西班牙的ABA畫廊等地展出。2008年參加GEISAI全球甄選,從603位不分國籍選出21位藝術家,並與日本GEISAI MUSEUM #2及GEISAI #11的金銀銅賞藝術家一同在邁阿密的PULSE Art Fair展出作品。評審包含村上隆, Bonnie Clearwater (Museum of Contemporary Art),The Drawing Center策展人Joao Ribas以及Matthew Higgs( Director and Chief Curator, White Columns)。近期展覽包含在西班牙的ABA Art Contemporani Gallery,以及紐約PULSE Art Fair,Parsons Fine Art Gallery。

Chung was born in Taipei, Taiwan. After receiving her BFA degree from National Taiwan University of Arts (2007) she enrolled at the MFA Fine Arts program at Parsons The New School for Design in New York, NY, USA. She recently showed work in PULSE Art Fair (New York, NY) and GEISAI Miami, hosted by Kaikai Kiki, Inc., Takashi Murakami and PULSE Contemporary Art Fair (Miami, FL)

Chung's unique calligraphic paintings reveal her perspectives on urban life. She cites her parents, who made Buddhist statues and traditional Chinese brush paintings through her childhood as major influences, and in turn, her works are soft, clean and poetic, created with black ink and simple colors. Chung creates a pared-down, primitive world, one that exists as though at the beginning of time, and she imbues the creatures that populate it with a sense of quiet alienation.

Many of her works feature a lone figure in a tranquil landscape, showing a frame of mind that is simultaneously isolated and hopeful. Through a menagerie of animals and chimerical half-animals, and surreal narratives, Chung's work alludes to intuitive, and sometimes elusive personal mythologies. These tales revolve around the juxtaposition of humanity and animality within the self, and create rich, evolving metaphors for the external and internal worlds.

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