April 27, 2016

「為身體書寫」的計畫:I_to 現場展演

為身體書寫 Writing on the body
Two Persons Exhibition and Performance with Tomoe Tsutsumi
curated by Diane Dwyer
April 2nd, 2016 at cloyingPARLOR, Brooklyn, NY

「為身體書寫」計畫(Writing on the body)
I_to 現場展演(Exhibitions & Performance)


1. 參與者可與藝術家分享你自己、你的故事或者任何你想分享的事物。
(You are invited to talk to the artist about yourself, your story, important words, whatever you want to share.)
2. 決定身體的哪個部份想與藝術家分享。
(Decide which part of your body you want to be painted. )
3. 藝術家將根據參與者分享的身體部位書寫。
(The artist will make images on the participant's specific part of the body according to what they share. )
4. 最後留下照片。
(Take documentation photograph. )

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