February 3, 2017

書寫、符號與遊戲 莊雁婷個展Drawing, Sign and Game Yen-Ting Chung Solo Exhibition

總爺藝文中心 紅樓
2016.08.19 - 10.02
莊雁婷 個展

Tsung Yeh Arts and Cultural Center 
Red-brick Office 
2016.08.19 - 10.02
Drawing, Sign and Game
Yen-Ting Chung Solo Exhibition

書寫、符號與遊戲 莊雁婷個展 Drawing, Sign and Game  Yen-Ting Chung Solo Exhibition from Yenting Chung on Vimeo.

一橫一畫,一撇一捺,在脫離文字意義的瞬間成為它自己的時刻。在牆上寫下一個句子,無數的符號成為圖畫的迷宮,鬼魂就藏在字與聯想的迷途中。因為無法理解,使得它們得以自己的面貌存在著。將文字拆解、重新擺排與編輯,導演一部透過書寫勞動誕生個人故事的過程。在空間中恣意存在的書寫與符號,宛如一首視覺化的詩,有黑白之爭,也有令人費解的故事,Zoom in與
Zoom out讓每個觀眾以自己的角度去詮釋與閱讀,我們都是寫與被寫的人。

About the exhibition:

As meaning breaks away with each brush stroke, a new identity is born. Write a sentence on a wall and all the symbols become a pictorial maze. The ghosts are hidden in the lost world between words and association. Because it's impossible to be understood by anyone, their existence depends solely on their external appearance. By deconstructing, rearranging, reconfiguring, and reediting the words, it tells a story of the birth of identity from the act of writing. The display of written words recklessly created in the space, like a visualized poem, has clear cut conflicts and perplexing stories. Zooming in and out allows each viewer to interpret what they see from their specific angle. We are all at the same time both the writers and the characters being written. 

作品《書寫、符號與遊戲》(Drawing, sign and game)木材斜坡空間裝置
400x700x220cm (尺寸依現場而定),2016 總爺藝文中心

(Drawing, Sign and Game)斜坡

「書寫、符號與遊戲」(Drawing, Sign and Game)斜坡,結合文字、空間與個人生活經驗,讓這個斜坡成為能夠閱讀的一本日記。透過書寫的勞動探索文字與直覺的連結,並將已有的文字當作生物活動展演,賦予文字意義之外的個人詮釋。這些書寫圖像與符號融合了藝術家對文字的研究,以及各種語言的誤解與詮釋,拆解與融合後,發展出新的樣貌。這個木座的斜坡裝置將邀請觀眾上去,以不同的方式觀看書寫與空間的對話。

1. Slope of "Drawing, Sign and Game" 

Wooden slope, white paint and black acrylic
276 x 158 x 100 inches

The slope of "Drawing, Sign and Game", recorded by words, spaces, and personal experiences, is a diary for visitors to read. Through the act of writing, the artist explores the association between words and intuition. Existing characters, escaping from their meanings, are displayed as living creatures and endowed with personal interpretation. These pictographic drawing and signs are new creatures made up by Chinese characters and misunderstanding as well as interpretation of different languages after being taken apart and put together. Visitors are invited to stand on this wood slope and to view writing and dialogues between spaces with different angles. 

作品《與你相遇》(Midnight Theater)單頻道錄像投影07’35” (尺寸依現場而定),2016 總爺藝文中心

2. 「與你相遇」(Serendipity) :「為身體書寫」計畫(Writing on the body)紀錄影片

「為身體書寫」(Writing on the body)計畫在今年從二月紐約開始,藝術家在與不同的參與者談話後,在他們願意「分享」的身體部位書寫。藉由參與者的共同合作,將他們的記憶與故事透過藝術家的書寫重新詮釋成另一種視覺語言。身體書寫的內容更像是私密的日記,由藝術家與參與者共同創作。這個作品計畫集結的影片「與你相遇」(Serendipity),英文有「意外發現珍貴事物的機緣」之意,藝術家常在與參與者的對談中意外發現有趣事物的經驗與智慧,就像是一趟意外的冒險之旅,寫下了旅程中的「某一頁」。這件作品將當時創作過程的紀錄內容呈現,並在台南持續邀請當地的民眾參與這項計畫一同展出。

2. Serendipity: documentary of "Writing on the Body"
The project of "Writing on the Body" has been launched since February 2016 in New York. After talking to the participants, the artist wrote on the parts of bodies they were willing to "share". Through the collaborations of participants, the artist reinterpreted their memories and stories into another visual language. The body works are like private diaries co-created by the artist and the participants. Videos recorded during the process are collected as "Serendipity", which also means luck of finding valuable or pleasant things by accident. During the project, the artist often discovered interesting experiences and wisdom of life that were not expected. It was like a page of unexpected adventure written down in a journey. The documentary presents the creation process of the project. Participants in Tainan are also invited to be part of the exhibition.



1. 參與者可與藝術家分享你自己、你的故事或者任何你想分享的事物。
2. 決定身體的哪個部份想與藝術家分享。
3. 藝術家將根據參與者想要分享的身體部份書寫。
4. 最後留下照片。

「與你相遇」現場表演記錄 Photo by Rich John Matheson

3. Serendipity: on-site performance of "Writing on the Body"

During the exhibition period, 10 participants will be invited to join the on-site performance of "Writing on the Body" on August 27th 2016 as part of the project "Serendipity". They will be presenting their bodies as visualized poems to the audience after the artist write on them. Through the project of "Writing on the Body", the artist encounters with the participants and further learns their stories as well as earns their trust to share their bodies. The artist intends to express intuition and valuable moments after the brief encounter via writing, just like a letter of visual language. Barkher, the musician, will also be playing in the event to allow the performance taking place with music and rhythm. 

Rules of "Writing on the Body"
1. Participants can share yourself, your stories, or anything you want to share with the artist.
2. Decide which part of the body you want to share with the artist. 
3. The artist will write on the body part with the consent of the participant. 
4. Take documentation photograph. 

Midnight Theater

作品《午夜劇場》(Midnight Theater)木製展櫃、黑墨、壓克力
2330x1030x300cm (尺寸依現場而定),2016 總爺藝文中心


Midnight Theater
Sumi Ink on wood pedestal, 
917 x 406 x 118 inches

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